Heroes of labour

Schöneweide came into being with large-scale industry – characterized by the rhythm of the machines, accompanied by smoke from the chimneys, noise and stench. In the beginning, the workers in the factories had to endure hard physical labor and long working hours. Only slowly did things change. The tour is a journey through time to the authentic places of work. Stories are told about the people who worked here over the last 120 years.


The tour begins with Anna, who started working at the cable factory as an unskilled worker in 1897. At a further six stops, everyday working life in different times is reported. Finally, the tour includes a visit to a high-tech company. The experience of today’s working world is described from the perspective of a female laboratory technician. The tour is also linked to current questions about the prospects for the “brave new world of work.

All year round
Meeting place: Industriesalon
Price: 100€ incl. 10 participants, each additional TN 10€/red. 8€
Duration: approx. 2,5 hours

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