The Visitor Centre Schöneweide

Tourism development through industrial culture

The important industrial culture of Berlin-Schöneweide is a unique selling point that should be made usable for tourism. The mission of the Industriesalon is to develop Schöneweide as a best practice example for tourism development of industrial culture in Berlin. The former “AEG-Stadt” should become an attractive destination for Berliners and their guests. In order to achieve synergy effects for the further profiling of Schöneweide, marketing activities are concentrated and expanded along with the local institutions present.

Starting point for discoveries

The Visitor Centre is also located in the Schöneweide Industriesalon. It is the Infopoint and starting point for “Discovery Tours”. It offers information about the location which is in a state of transformation – interesting tours through the industrial and architectural history of Schöneweide – exhibitions and events on the past and present of the location.

Präsentation POIS in Schöneweide

Präsentation Besuchezentrum Schöneweide

Einleitung Tourismus in Schöneweide